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Hey there!

I’m a Product Designer and UX Strategist with over 15 years of experience building web-based / mobile applications and leading teams in both the design and development space. Along with a solid understanding of various product development frameworks and methodologies, I believe it is critical to first have a full understanding of the problem we are looking to solve, and then incorporate an approach that combines both business strategy and user needs to create intuitive and effective products that people love.

More about me

I sketch and whiteboard… A lot.

I think it’s extremely important to make sure I have a solid direction in which I am moving when tackling a design project. Getting all my research notes, notes from user interviews, and random thoughts onto paper (or whiteboard) allows me to have everything out in front of me, and ultimately helps in understanding things better.

(Above: User flow for What’s My Mutt? iOS app)

Precise documentation is key

Mapping out complex flows helps to clearly illustrate the user journey thru task completion across the product and ensures we’ve covered all our bases. Constant collaboration with the development team in the creation of this documentation keeps everyone connected and on the right track regarding feature scope, timelines, defining the MVP, and creation of a product roadmap.

Keeping users involved every step of the way

Vetting assumptions and answering questions that might arise along the way is best done by simply asking the people who will be using the product — And I’m not just referring to user testing of prototypes. This is such an extremely simple concept, yet is somehow often overlooked. I have found that keeping users engaged throughout the entire development process not only makes them feel valued as contributors, but also creates excitement around the product launch and squashes any possibility that we are making an uninformed decision regarding features and functionality.

Sketching / Whiteboarding

Getting initial ideas down early on, as well as noting any questions that might arise.

Constant collaboration

Involving both the team and users to answer questions and vet assumptions.


Including user flows, acceptance criteria, and functional specs for the product.

Prototyping / User Testing

Development of prototypes to test flows with users, and gather feedback before building.

(Above: Landing page customization filter for Milliken Innovation Gallery experience)

Visual UI design

I love creating elegant, simple, and intuitive interfaces. It really is the icing on the cake when it comes to product development. And who doesn’t love a perfect combination of great usability and beautiful design?

Case studies

A detailed view into the product strategy, development, and design thinking.
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